OpenShift strategy

Access Kiali requiring OpenShift authentication.


The openshift authentication strategy is the preferred and default strategy when Kiali is deployed on an OpenShift cluster.

When using the openshift strategy, a user logging into Kiali will be redirected to the login page of the OpenShift console. Once the user provides his OpenShift credentials, he will be redireted back to Kiali and will be logged in if the user has enough privileges.

The openshift strategy takes advantage of the cluster’s RBAC. See the Role-based access control documentation for more details.


Since openshift is the default strategy when deploying Kiali in OpenShift, you shouldn’t need to configure anything. If you want to be verbose, use the following configuration in the Kiali CR:

    strategy: openshift

The openshift strategy doesn’t have any additional configuration. The Kiali operator will make sure to setup the needed OpenShift OAuth resources to register Kiali as a client.